September 9, 2014

Neal Daftary challenged me to the ALS Bucket Challenge so I accepted and below is my acceptance and my challenge.

I believe that instead of donating to just any cause, you should donate to causes that are near and dear to you. For me those two causes are type 1 diabetes and Alzheimer's so I will be donating to both JDRF and ALZ.


Pavan Dave's ALS Ice Bucket Challenge



August 26, 2014

One of the first interesting cases I worked in the Contact Center Express TAC was related to silent monitoring and recording. Coming fresh from RTP (Research Triangle Park), I had taken numerous cases where switching or switch based features were of concern and was familiar with troubleshooting that. However with every Cisco VOS platform there is also the challenge of configuring the virtual network appropriately in VMware. If there is a misconfiguration sometimes it can be time consuming to figure out where and what the actual problem is.

Over the course of this issue I kept documenting our troubleshooting and thought it would be helpful to have an example configuration for our customers. With the help of some colleagues and many months of waiting I am proud to finally share this article.

UCCX SPAN-Based Silent Monitoring Configuration Example

June 26, 2014

At work I do a lot of troubleshooting of Cisco Contact Center Express, MediaSense and SocialMiner. In doing so, I noticed that many of the issues that I was seeing with MediaSense were due to network infrastructure limitations (ACLs) as opposed to actual configuration problems.

After reaching out to one of my colleagues on the CUCM team, I wrote a document to help customers, partners and other engineers more quickly troubleshoot basic MediaSense problems. After writing and making some changes, I got an email this morning that it finally got published.

CUCM MediaSense Call Recording Error Troubleshooting

Matchday - May 10, 2014

Made a weekend trip to support the Carolina RailHawks in San Antonio since I haven't been to a game since I moved to Texas. Met up my good friend Amit and his wife and brought them out to the game and also picked up Matthew who made the trip from Raleigh.

The supporters group the Crocketteers definitely made the trip awesome and embraced Matthew and me and had us join their tailgate. We talked about their team, our team, and the future for their stadium as well as other developments in the league.

We ended up losing 3-0 but it was still a great match to watch but the players really appreciated our singing (we hope) and made it a point to take a picture with a Fanatic out of place from the Triangle.