June 26, 2014

At work I do a lot of troubleshooting of Cisco Contact Center Express, MediaSense and SocialMiner. In doing so, I noticed that many of the issues that I was seeing with MediaSense were due to network infrastructure limitations (ACLs) as opposed to actual configuration problems.

After reaching out to one of my colleagues on the CUCM team, I wrote a document to help customers, partners and other engineers more quickly troubleshoot basic MediaSense problems. After writing and making some changes, I got an email this morning that it finally got published.

CUCM MediaSense Call Recording Error Troubleshooting

Matchday - May 10, 2014

Made a weekend trip to support the Carolina RailHawks in San Antonio since I haven't been to a game since I moved to Texas. Met up my good friend Amit and his wife and brought them out to the game and also picked up Matthew who made the trip from Raleigh.

The supporters group the Crocketteers definitely made the trip awesome and embraced Matthew and me and had us join their tailgate. We talked about their team, our team, and the future for their stadium as well as other developments in the league.

We ended up losing 3-0 but it was still a great match to watch but the players really appreciated our singing (we hope) and made it a point to take a picture with a Fanatic out of place from the Triangle.

Yesterday I went to upgrade Joomla from my old version about 6 months old to a newly released version. As I have not managed this site in too much detail outside of the occasional post, I did not think to back everything up as something could go wrong, and as the story goes, I upgraded with the auto update tool and the upgrade failed in a few parts.

Ended up going to a Joomla forum to see if they could help but they pretty much said the same things I tell customers when they call with questions or major changes need to be made to the system, "Keep backups. Know what you're doing when making changes. Document any changes made and error message. etc."

Thankfully though after a few hours of headache but mostly waiting, it's all back up, and I have a backup stored safely just in case any updates pop up soon!

It's been a while since i have had some time to update this. In that time I moved back to Richardson, joined the contact center TAC team, learned how to snowboard and hit the slopes in Park City, Utah, started playing with some more new tech, and started studying for my next level of certifications.

One of those cool new tech pieces I have gotten to play with is the Meraki Z1 Teleworker Gateway. I got one of these after a while because I got tired of my old Linksys E1200 and the constant reboots it required. That on top of the security vulnerabilities that popped up on the internet in February definitely sealed the deal.

The greatest feature about the Z1 is that the router is not your regular home router with a wizard to set you your wifi connection and you're done. It is a beefy router that gives you options to segregate traffic on multiple VLANs, use ACLs to filter traffic per device or group, and even the ability to VPN into your network if you're not at home. The kicker here is you don't need any special configuration skills or syntax since everything is based on a could based GUI so I can manage my home network from anywhere as long as I have internet.

Another pretty cool feature about this router is the traffic management and usage reports.You can see graphs of bandwidth usage from each device and the types of traffic. I can even see which clients have accessed my network and and which network they were on. The statistics I can generate and look also vary from website specific traffic to categorized application traffic such as 15.2% Netflix and 8.1% Dropbox. And if you configure it, you can have an email sent to you every week with usage, trends, etc to monitor your network. Any questions still, and you can go ahead and take a packet capture to manually sift through lines and lines of data for what you're looking for.

I plan on posting some more including some older post ideas about planning a proper ski/snowboarding trip and about my new home office setup with equipment and recommendations and what I wish I had done differently later.