The porter I had been working on for the past few months was finally finished and decided to enter the RailHawks Soktoberfest homebrewing competition to help raise money for TSF. My porter did well and though even I didn't win I got great feedback from other homebrewers. After the festival, Ty Shipalane decided to hang out with the Triangle Soccer Fanatics and play the bass and support the team.

Soktober 1


In the past few weeks I've decided to get more aggressive with cycling. It has gone from being a workout to pushing how far I can go venturing out and finally surpassing 10 miles. It has also been a great way for me to see different parts of Raleigh too. I rode to the Museum of Art and the Reedy Creek Trail after putting it off for a long time. Although it was really demanding, I found it very relaxing. Future rides including trying to hit 20 miles with a potential ride to downtown Raleig before I head back west.