Last week Wink released an interesting article on their blog regarding home automation and smart homes. It reads off more as a marketing tool than statistics but still some interesting numbers.

  • Almost half (48%) purchased connected product to save energy followed by 44% to keep home safe

  • 57% of people have forgotten to do a routine household task in last 6 months.
    -51% turning off light
    -29% locking main door
    -24% closing garage door

  • People have a desire for monitoring
    -63% make sure home isn't broken into
    -38% to check in on pet
  • 36% of Renters would pay more to rent a home with smart products as amenities.
  • Renters would pay on average of 5% more in rent for smart homes
  • 63% of millennial said they've forgotten to lock front door in last 6 months.
  • 34% of Americans believe it would cost $5000 to turn home into smart home
  • 9% of Americans believe it would cost $20000 to turn home into smart home
  • Wink says most users start out with 4 products with an average cost of 200 bucks.

This is fascinating. The price points that some people think it takes to get into automation is crazy.

I started off with Hue starter kit and my home came with Ecobee3 system. Once I was gifted my Echo I felt like I had a proper smart home because I could use my voice instead of apps and the home finally felt "smart" at that point. Obviously my home system has grown but it's still nowhere near the $5000 mark but I also don't think $200 will get you a decent experience.

My recommendation for folks getting into smart home:

  • Basic
    • Google Home or Amazon Echo (I prefer the Home)
    • Hue Light starter kit (3 lights + hub)
  • Once you get the hang of it
    • More Google Homes or Amazon Dots/Echos
    • More bulbs
    • SmartThings Hub
    • Smart Outlets (TP Link makes a great one for 25-30 bucks)
    • GE Smart Light Switches
    • GE Fan Controllers
    • Smart Doorlocks
    • Video Doorbells
    • Garage door openers
    • Much much more.

Note that once you get into the home automation grind, you tend to start buying more interesting gadgets. It is an addiction that hamper the pocketbook but that the wife can benefit from too at the end of the day.

Link to blog post - Blog
Link to full data - PDF with more stats